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Diocletian “Nuclear Wolves” hoodie update

An update on the Diocletian “Nuclear Wolves” hoodie. We have received the hoodies back from the printer. The design is so off from what was agreed upon, there is no way we are okay with shipping a sub-par hoodie in exchange for your hard-earned cash that you put in good faith for the pre-order. Action is being taken to rectify the problem.
We apologize for the delay but we cannot ship a sub-standard product as that would go against everything that we stand for. Compensation for your time will be provided.

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Diocletian “Nuclear Wolves” Hoodie Update

A word of update on the Diocletian “Nuclear Wolves” hoodie. The pre-order has produced more stock than expected and the printer is behind on fulfilling the season’s orders. We have used the same printer in the past and have always had good results so we know they will turn out perfect. They are expected to be complete in a maximum of two business weeks. We apologize for the delay on fulfilling the Diocletian “Nuclear Wolves” hoodies from the pre-order and thank you for your patience and support.

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Temple of Ascension Hotel Deal

Located directly across the road from the venue, Chateau Lacombe has now offered their discount price to those looking to attend Temple of Ascension.

Book reservations here.

Guest may also call the hotel direct and book under the Temple of Ascension – FAN BLOCK

Block Code : 20180815TEM

Direct Tel: 780:428-6611

Toll Free: 1-800-661-8801

Please note that you can only book rooms for the dates that are blocked for the fest. If you wish to book a different type of room or book for pre/post fest dates just give them a call!

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So it has been inked, so it shall be. The devastating hammer shall fall upon Edmonton with furious anger and the mightiest REVENGE.

The final headliner is none other than Edmonton’s own Revenge – band.

The line-up order for each day will be posted shortly.

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Update 2018/02/19

Update time:

On February 22nd, we will be revealing the last band/third headliner so keep on watch for this upcoming announcement soon..with the announcement will also come the line-up order and individual days of the fest tickets at $40 each.

The online distro at has been updated and is now carrying the new Sorguinazia LP and CD in honor of their upcoming appearance at this year’s TOA.

A regular review column from one of our team members will also appear next week on the website also titled “Archive Delirium” which will be featuring retrospectives of known classics and unknown gems. We will also be featuring in-depth interviews, columns, and articles of other natures that will morph into a zine.

There are plenty of other things going on in the Ereignis machine that we are unveiling soon and are very excited to do so when the time is right. As of now, the rest is secret squirrel. But do not miss the next update to be revealed on the 22nd!

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Welcome to

For what seemed like an era of chaos and disruption the website has been undergoing its conception, but finally all of the foundational bricks are in place.  There are still a few minor glitches to be ironed out, yet despite that this will serve its purpose for the time being.  Over the coming weeks our official merch will populate and distro stock will become live.  Furthermore, keep a watchful eye out for articles from various direct sources as we are staked to populate that section of the website in time as well.

We look forward to seeing you at our coming events, so stay tuned.